Lyrad Health is answering the call for ethical and safe occupational health services and testing. It’s our goal to keep workplaces across the country as healthy as possible.


The mission

With years of experience to cultivate in the country’s finest occupational medicine clinics, Lyrad is dedicated to keeping your workforce healthy, safe, and productive. From drug screenings to wellness programs, we offer a full slate of occupational health services to your workforce that we administer on-site, keeping things smooth and efficient. We help you reduce the overall cost of health care for your company and your employees by making sure everyone is as safe and healthy as possible. Learn more about our occupational health services.

Occupational health is wellness for the worker

Productive employees are healthy employees. Lyrad’s illness prevention and injury services keep people on the job and reduce the cost of employee health care coverage. In addition to preventive care, our wellness services combine primary, occupational, and environmental health, each of which comes with a focus on improving employee well-being and reducing employer spending.

Our Service

The complete list of services offered by Lyrad Health can be found on our services page. Some of our key offerings include DOT physicals, which keeps your transportation professionals within compliance, as well as drug and alcohol screenings for both new hires and current employees. It’s all part of our comprehensive suite of occupational health services, which we bring to your worksite and offer at a competitive and fair cost.

What are the ways Lyrad helps employers manage workforce health?

We accomplish our mission by following a strict set of standards, including:

  • Focusing on regulatory, compliance, and business objectives.
  • Identifying hazardous conditions that could threaten the health of workers.
  • Providing compassionate treatment at the onset of any work-related injury.

Treating all situations as an opportunity to improve the lives of your workers, the state of your worksite, and the success of your business.

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