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Our licensed medical professionals are here to help streamline patient care for the companies we serve.

Lyrad Health provides fast, effective care so injured employees can return to work safely and quickly. We accommodate your unique business needs by delivering best-practice clinical solutions directly on-site or at our state-of-the-art office.

Our clinic also serves the Dallas-Fort Worth community with exemplary urgent care services, DOT physical exams, drug screenings, and more.

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What is a DOT Physical?

A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is a federally mandated health screening of all commercial vehicle drivers. The procedure measures hearing, vision, and every other physical requirement for the job. Our clinics specialize in ethical, sensible DOT physical exams. Lyrad Health is committed to keeping everyone on the road as safe as possible.

Important Employee Health Resources

There are several resources available to help you and your employees understand health and safety requirements while on the job. They promote everything from better lifestyle choices to tips on how to follow proper protocol while on a job site. Take a look at some of these important links:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Telemedicine: Vast Potential, Increased Efficiency
Type 1 Diabetes Diet Know more. Be sure.
U.S. Department of Labor

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